Kirkistown Race Circuit Northern Ireland


There are seven car race meetings, four sprints and a single venue rally per year. There are also a dozen track days.



Gearbox karts feature on the main circuit at three car meetings and non-gearbox karts have their own events on the Kirkistown West circuit.



We have at least two motorbike race meetings per year. There are also bicycle race meetings, duathlons, motorcycle track days and a race school for bikes.


Welcome to Kirkistown

The fastest racing circuit in Ireland since 1953

500 Club

Owned by the Five Hundred Motor Racing Club of Ireland.

First race held in 1953

Fastest lap set by Dickie Lovell-Butt, driving a 1.5L supercharged Griffon Maserati, at 71.406 mph.

Total length 1.53 miles

Includes the amazing “Debtor’s Dip” left hander, which, for the brave, is flat in top!

Fastest Lap 50.782s

Currently held by Philip Shields driving a GP2 Dallara.