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Changes At Council Level In 500MRCI

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Leslie Drysdale resigns.

The Chairperson of the 500MRCI for the past few years, Leslie Drysdale, has resigned both from this position and from the governing Council, with immediate effect. The Club as a whole and the Council in particular thank Leslie for the sterling work he has contributed during his time in both positions. We wish him well and hope he now has a chance to truly enjoy his retirement. Leslie remains a valued member of the 500MRCI.

As is the procedural norm, Paul McMoran, who was Vice Chairperson, now assumes the role of Chairperson and over the coming months, a new Vice Chairperson will be elected from the existing Council.

For unrelated reasons, which are mostly connected to an increased personal work load, Richard Drysdale gave notice that from the end of February, he would no longer be able to carry out the duties of Honorary Treasurer. Once again, the Council acknowledges the immense contribution Richard has made over the past few years, particularly in transitioning the traditional book keeping system to a computerised one.

Michael Mulholland has offered to take on the role, after a hand-over period with Richard.