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New Safety Barrier At Debtors.

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New Safety Barrier At Debtors.

Work well advanced on increasing safety at Debtor’s.

It is a strange fact that when cars go off at Debtor’s Dip, they tend to go to the left, rather than to the right, like motorbikes.

Some years ago, at a track day, Aimee Kershaw suffered life changing injuries when her Honda vaulted the bank on the left, into the neighbouring field. It was a freak accident that had never happened before. Lorry tyres and round bales were put in place to ensure that no car could repeat the accident. However, after some years the bales began to degrade and it was decided to put Armco in their place. After a prolonged period of recent good weather, the ground to the left of Debtor’s Dip had dried out sufficiently to allow heavy machinery in.

There is now three high Armco, a good three meters away from the bank, that should stop any car even reaching the edge of the property. The area behind the Armco will permit maintenance vehicles access.

The work is being carried out by Sam Anderson Contracts and should be complete by the end of today (Thursday 14th June 2018).